About Me

I Love God, people, places and things. My wife is beautiful. My kids are amazing. My grandkids will change the world. I love to learn, teach, create, invest, pray and encounter. My soul bears witness, there is a God. He came to me. I know His name and have seen His face. I love to be in the company of great men and women. Standing on the edge of the sea or paddling out into epic surf causes my mind to draw from the realm of perceived impossibilities and deem them possible.

Worshipping God in the congregation of His people is the highest honor and greatest ministry opportunity known to humanity and I cherish it, make room for it and cannot live without this act of reciprocation between heaven and earth. I love the church of Jesus Christ but I am frustrated and sometimes angered by it. I live in hope and am addicted to optimism, solutions and creative flurries of the mind that cause me to act seemingly irrational. My role in the release of heaven on earth is to be a kind, loving and gentle husband, protective father and friend to my kids, adoring sacrificial grandfather, servant of the church and friend to the stranger…in that order. That which God has given me I give freely, and that which He has entrusted me with I guard with my life. A life that is not marked by miracles and God encounters is like a path in the wrong direction. Turn around, go back and start again.

I have skied the Rockies, surfed the world, hunted big game, fished rivers, lakes, streams and oceans. I have built houses, churches and businesses. I can swing a hammer, use a knife, build my own furniture and fix my own cars. I have painted pictures, written books, recorded albums, and written and direct theater. I have sang and played guitar in bands from bar stages, motorcycle gang clubhouses, pizza parlors, church platforms, auditoriums, seaside docks, main street corners and rural crusades. I have preached from pulpits, street corners and open air stages. I have healed the sick, cast out demons and hope to raise the dead. I have preached to the one and to the masses.

My approach to meeting new people is to love them automatically and take interest in them like viewing a great piece of art for the first time. My approach to the bible is that it is deeper than any man can know it and we are all scratching the surface of its potential glory. But I will continue to dig into it because in that process God comes to me. If I don’t encounter God in His word I would quit reading it. The people that scare me the most are the ones who have all the answers and claim perfect theology. I believe the word of God is a living document that unveils new and fresh revelation from age to age. Our knowledge of it increases as the manifestation of His kingdom increases.

There is always a better widget, a better building and a better solution. Pop music bores me, but.. Pop singers intrigue me. Actors are anointed, especially the ones who act in real life and release who they really are on film. Whether it be for good or bad or the sheer sake of cultural transformation the most influential people in the western world in my life have been Jesus, The Beatles, Billy Graham, Lou Reed, David Bowie, Michael Jackson, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, John Wimber, Chuck Smith and Bill Johnson. I should add Benjamin Franklin, George Washington, Thomas Edison, Henry Ford, Nikola Tesla and Alexander Graham Bell but I have grown up with the benefits of their breakthroughs to the extent that their influence on my life has been taken for granted, thus their impact indiscernible. But I appreciate them immensely.

This is me, all of me.